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“I was chronically ill for nearly 10 yrs. It had progressed to the point I was preparing to file for disability. I had seen what seemed like every doctor, had every test and was on dozens of medications – to no avail. It was at that point two of my friends encouraged me to see their naturopathic doctor. So I did, and to make a long story short – he healed me! This journey had such a significant impact on my life that I went back to school, after working as a RN for 13 years, and am now completing my doctorate to become a naturopathic doctor!”

Jill Jennings

“Naturopathic medicine has literally changed my life. I did not have a diagnosable disease but had many health issues including chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Naturopathic medicine shines in finding areas of the body that are not functioning well. It is the most amazing thing I have seen for working with those hard to diagnose medical symptoms as well as prevention.”

Diane Muller

“My experience with naturopathic care got me to a truly healthy state of being. Something allopathic healthcare couldn’t do. It did nothing for me. My wife also has benefitted from alternative healthcare for a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, and other serious issues, 20 years ago. She had such a dramatic recovery that our oldest daughter was so inspired by her mother’s recovery that our daughter became a naturopathic doctor. She graduated Dec. 2013 from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. She moved to California right after graduation to start in a practice. She did not want to move back to IL since ND’s are not licensed yet.”

Tony Zagone

“I had health issues and saw several conventional doctors. I was on many medications which only gave partial or temporary relief. After being treated by a licensed ND, I’m off all my prescription medications. I’m back to good health, no longer feeling miserable, and no longer spending so much time at the doctor.”

Rachel Lytle

“I feel naturopathic physicians should be licensed in Illinois as well as all states. Preventive medicine is a large part of their practices and teaching people how and what should be eating to correct their medical problems is of the utmost. I don’t want a person that isn’t trained and licensed to be a Dr. working on me, just like I wouldn’t want an unlicensed MD. I do feel that they are unfairly treated in the insurance and Medicare realm and this needs to be changed. I want to see every person have a right to all the medical treatment and to the fullest extent available.”

Faith Harrington

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