Agatha Wrobel

Agatha Wrobel

Biographical Info Hi! I'm Dr. Agi Wrobel. I'm a Naturopathic Doctor and Certified Nutrition Specialist. Doctor comes from the Latin word "Docere" which means to teach. I believe optimal wellness is rooted in education and it is my passion to teach my clients.

Level Regular Member – 1st Year Graduate

Address 1320 W Main St #3
St Charles, IL 60174

Phone Number (630) 728-1745

Business Name NatureThrive ND

Specialties Chronic Illness Fertility Food allergy management Diet and lifestyle Autoimmune conditions Gastrointestinal conditions Preventive medicine


Phone 630-728-1745

Business Address 525 S Tyler Rd, Suite N1A St Charles, IL 60174

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