Galina Mahlis, ND

Galina Mahlis, ND

Biographical Info Dr. Galina sees a wide range of acute and chronic conditions. She individualizes her approach for each patient and utilizes holistic methods while enabling the patient to play an active role in their care. The path to healing is achieved by the integration of conventional and naturopathic modalities and a combination of supple­­mentation, nutrition, botanical medicine, counseling, and lifestyle recommendations to enhance the mind-body connection. Although Dr. Galina is trained in general medicine and cares for people of all ages, genders, and for many conditions, her special interests include weight loss, nutrition, women’s health, holistic dermatology, digestive health, and pediatrics.

Level Regular Member

Address 2922 W Touhy Ave
Chicago, IL 60645

Phone Number (224) 470-9474

Business Name Dr. Galina ND, LLC

Specialties Women's Health, PCOS, Pediatrics, Autism, Dermatology


Phone 2243004886

Business Address Tele-Health, based in Chicago, IL

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