Dr. Holly Wurtz

Dr. Holly Wurtz

Biographical Info As co-founder of the Midwest Center For Brain Health, I take an innovative, comprehensive and science-based approach to help my patients optimize their brain health and overall physical and mental vitality. I work in collaboration with our team of integrative doctors to empower individuals to become best and most healthy version of themselves. After working almost two decades in the field of biomedical research, in addition to my clinical practice, I have delved deep into the latest research on brain health and helped develop MCBH’s cutting edge, comprehensive program focused on the prevention and reversal of cognitive decline. I do the detective work necessary to undercover the root cause of illness rather than just treat symptoms. My mission is to help people feel fully balanced and healthy in body, mind and soul. This means helping people increase not only their lifespan but also their healthspan—the years free from chronic disease, full of wellness and vitality. The pursuit of health is not a linear process, and my own experience helped me understand that there are often road bumps along the way. My job is to help you stay on track with focus and motivation so you can rewrite the story of your life. It’s time to leave illness behind and step into a new future filled with vibrant wellness. Here’s to creating health!

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Address 660 Robin Ridge
Elgin, IL 60123

Phone Number (630) 363-9643

Business Name Midwest Center For Brain Health

Specialties Brain health, neurodegenerative disease

Website http://www.helpforyourbrain.com

Phone 833-435-7259

Business Address 5005 Newport Drive Ste. 403 Rolling Meadows, IL 60008

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