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Crystal Foresman-Landers

Crystal Foresman-Landers, OT, ND, CNS
Living Tree Natural Health

Naturopathic Medicine, Occupational Therapy, Certified Nutrition Specialist

Dr. Crystal Foresman-Landers specializes in but is not limited to working on prevention, optimizing the immune system, gastrointestinal health, women's health concerns, chronic health concerns, chronic allergies, nervous system conditions, chronic pain conditions, pediatric/childhood health and breastfeeding support/optimization.
Dr. Crystal Foresman-Landers holds specialty certifications and training in Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, Kinesiotape Application and Sensory Integration. Dr. Crystal is knowledgeable in the areas of nutrition, botanicals, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, nutraceuticals and soft tissue body work.


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