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Kristina Conner

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Kristina Conner, ND, MSOM, Dipl. OM
World Tree Natural Medicine

naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, dietary and lifestyle counseling, Western and Chinese herbal medicine, hydrotherapy, nutritional supplementation, homeopathy

If you are searching for holistic assessment and treatment of your whole self, and want to be actively involved in your own care, this is the approach for you. I address more than just physical health--true healing always includes the mind, spirit, and body on some level. For most conditions, a naturopathic & Chinese medicine approach may complement other types of care, yet is particularly effective for digestive concerns, hormonal balance, mental/ emotional health, pain disorders, fatigue, and prevention.
The first visits are comprehensive, about your current concerns, general health, and lifestyle. I use interview and examination first, then labs, imaging, or functional testing to fill in the rest of the picture. We discuss "the big picture"--how to get you to better health, then the details of how to get there.
I combine naturopathic and Chinese medicine approaches in all aspects--preventative care, intake and diagnosis, as well as treatment. With your input, I determine which aspect of each discipline will benefit your unique concerns and background.


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  • IL
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